Online Classroom Resources

Welcome to and our collection of free to use online classroom resourses. These online activities, tools and document have been designed by primary school teachers for use within the classroom, either as a whole class, ability group or individually.
Arithmetic Worksheet Generator
Automatically generate arithmetic test worksheets covering the key stage 2 year curriculums, in the SAT test format. Includes options for ability levels, number of questions, cover sheets, answer formats and question tweaking.
Countdown Timer
For timing classroom activities. Children can easily see the proportion of time spent versus remaining with the outer circle bar graphic.
Double & Half
Snappy timed questions for developing essential mental maths skills to either double or half a number. Select varying complexity levels depending on the group's ability.
Number Bonds
Build children's confidence and assess their Number Bond retention with a quick question session. These short timed questions show retained knowledge rather than an ability to calculate an answer. Choose Number Bonds between 10 and 100 for all abilities.
Times Tables
Practice for the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check, with quick-fire random questions to build competence and fluent recall of multiplication tables. Options for table selection and division allow other year groups to build on their capabilities.